• Belgian Biotech gets a €40M Boost to Keep up in the CAR-T Race
    Belgian biotech Celyad has raised substantial funding on Euronext Paris and the NASDAQ to support its CAR-T cell therapy, which can be applied to both solid and blood tumors. CYAD-01, its most advanced drug candidate, is currently in Phase I trials. The funding could help Celyad keep up with other CAR-T developers.

  • Swedish Biotech Partners With Novo Nordisk to Advance Stem Cell Therapies for Diabetes
    BioLamina, based in Stockholm, is collaborating with the world-leader in diabetes treatment Novo Nordisk to develop stem cell therapies that use BioLamina’s protein cell culture matrices. BioLamina’s technology could enhance Novo Nordisk’s stem cell therapies effectiveness in treating diabetes.

  • Even Old Brains Can Make New Neurons, Study Finds
    In research published today in the journal Cell Stem Cell, scientists at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons present the most definitive evidence to date that the human brain makes new neurons throughout life.

  • Breakthrough in understanding of how red blood cells develop
    By taking a deep dive into the molecular underpinnings of Diamond-Blackfan anemia, scientists have made a new discovery about what drives the development of mature red blood cells from the earliest form of blood cells, called hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cells.

  • New Method Could Improve Longevity and Lessen Wear of Artificial Hips
    Mechanical engineering researchers have developed a method that could extend the life of an artificial hip by adding an array of microscopic indentations that increase the thickness of a lubricating film on its surface.