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Sattari on the Second Conference of International Economic and Technological Cooperation between Iran and Europe:

We are prepared to establish the necessary infrastructures with the help of Europe

The vice president for science and technology affairs emphasized the importance of financial transactions and other types of organizational cooperation between Iran and Europe, stating: we are prepared to establish the necessary infrastructures with the help of Europe.

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs, attended the second conference of international economic and technological cooperation between Iran and Europe, stating: let’s have a quick look at the fact that how innovation in Iran has led to the guidance of the economy toward an economy based on creativity.

He added: you may know that Iran has the largest gas and oil reserves in the country, and is therefore, enriched in terms of natural resources. However, this is not enough. Over the last few years, we have focused on the development of human resources as a stimulator of growth.

The Rank of Iran in Scientific Production Increased by 18 Levels

The vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out that during 2005-2016, Iran witnessed progress in science and technology. In this regard, Sattari mentioned: the global rank of Iran in scientific production has significantly improved fro, 34 to 16, and Iran has been ranked first in the Middle East in this area.

Sattari also pointed out: the number of students has increased from 2.4 million to 4.8 million. This has led to the ranking of fifth of Iran in the world in terms of the number of graduated engineers. In addition, Iran has had significant participation in the development of advanced technologies of bio, nano, renewable energies, cognitive sciences and stem cells.

Iran Is Moving toward Innovation and Knowledge-based Economy

Sattari emphasized that in addition to significant progress in sciences and technologies, Iran is currently moving toward innovation and knowledge-based economy. He asserted: this passing was fully assessed in the report of UNCTAD conference with the title of “science; the foreground of economy of innovation and technology” in 2017.

Brain Drain Is Reversed in Iran

President of the national elites foundation expressed in another part of his speech: Iran has a large population, the majority of whom are graduates and have the potential for entrepreneurship. In addition, there is a high rate of using the internet and smart phones in the country. In fact, 33 million individuals (20-40 years) use these technologies. In addition, 100 out of 130 individuals have smart phones, and 47 million users of the internet exist in the country. These individuals constitute about half of the total internet users of the Middle East. Such assumptions guarantees the development of potential locations and startups in the country.

Sattari continued: we have made corrections in the innovation system by focusing on startups in the country. For instance, the model of business and new startups ecosystem has been formed and financial affairs and investment in knowledge-based economy have been facilitated, and brain drain has been reversed.

Recognition of 3500 Knowledge-based Companies in Iran

Over the past six years, more than 3500 knowledge-based companies have been detected to improve entrepreneurship in the area of technology, explained by the vice president for science and technology affairs, who continued: we actively support these companies by providing tax exemptions, custom exemptions, low-interest loans and many empowerment facilities and business motivation programs. These companies have currently the annual return of 12 billion American dollar and have relatively created 300 thousand direct occupations.

Iranian Biological Medications Are Exported to Several Countries

Sattari explained about the successful activities of Iranian startups and knowledge-based companies, asserting: in the area of biological medication production, Iran has been ranked first in the Middle East. It is notable that Iranian biological medications are exported to more than tens of countries.

Head of the board of trustees of Iranian national science foundation pointed out that some of these startups are close to remarkable incomes (billions of dollars) in the country, claiming: flourishing of such startups is determined by progress made in other areas of the country, especially innovation and entrepreneurship. Over the last four years, the global innovation index of Iran changed from 120 to 78. Iran is also among the top five countries with the highest rate of global entrepreneurship rate (2017 compared to 2016).

A New Commercial Ecosystem Has Been Formed in Iran

President of the national elites foundation of Iran stated: in addition to government financial resources, private resources are more allocated to companies that are formed based on technology and creative startups. For instance, over the past two years, 13 funds by the stock exchange market have been approved and several venture capitals await approval. Other brokerages, including accelerators, commercial angels, venture capitals and science and technology funds are active in the area of venture capitals. Currently, there are 32 science and technology funds in addition to 22 active private accelerators in the innovation ecosystem of the country. 

Tax Exemption for Research and Development of 2400 Iranian Companies

The vice president for science and technology affairs also asserted: in terms of financial facilities for innovation, more than 2400 companies have received tax exemption for their research and development. In addition, they have received financial credits, which was only observed in the past financial year. Over the past three years, a platform has been established for cooperation of Iranian scientists and entrepreneurs. This platform calls for Iranian PhD graduates from 100 top universities of the world, members of 200 top faculty members and entrepreneurs and experts from top technological companies. More than 4200 Iranian researchers and experts have somehow visited this platform and learned about cooperation with Iranian companies.

More Than 100 Iranian Startups Have Been Established by Graduates of Foreign Universities

During his speech, Sattari pointed out that more than 100 startups have been created by Iranian young experts, who studied abroad and decided to use their global network and experiences in Iran. These startups have form various occupations for Iranian experts in fields of information and communication technology, medical equipment, biotechnology, and urban innovation.

Optimism toward the Mutual Future of Economic and Technology Cooperation between Iran and Europe

In another part of his speech, Sattari emphasized his optimism toward the future of this cooperation, adding: cooperation with European companies will accelerate this process. There are huge benefits and proper results for both parties. The Islamic Republic of Iran fully supports this cooperation.

In the end, Sattari expressed: apparently, the joint cooperation is not possible without the necessary equipment for motivation of entrepreneurs and their interaction networks. Financial transactions and other types of necessary organizational cooperation are significantly important in creation of cooperation. Therefore, we are prepared to establish the necessary structures and channels by cooperating with European countries. In addition, the United Nations of Europe plays a significant role in this regard.  

According to this report, the second conference on the international economic cooperation of Iran and Europe was held by covering the issues of development of economy and technology, growth of startup society and internationalization of knowledge-based companies. As the head of a high-ranking delegation, Sattari traveled to Brussels, Belgium on June 21st 2018.



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