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Unveiling the Four-year Performance Book of the Council for Stem Cells Sciences and Technologies

According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, the four-year performance book of the council for stem cells sciences and technologies was unveiled on the 130th executive meeting of the mentioned council. This book contains seven chapters, providing a comprehensive report on the activities of the headquarter in various fields, such as technology development, market creation and commercialization, research, education and human resources, development of centers that provide stem cell services, public relations affairs and a summary of the national festival and international congress of stem cells and regenerative medicine during the four years of the 11th government. During the meeting, some parts of the book were read and evaluated and modified by present managers and experts.

Following that, Dehghan presented a report on laboratory networks, adding: the aim of formation of laboratory network was increasing synergy in laboratory abilities in various fields of new technologies, such as stem cells. Facilitation of access of researchers to laboratory equipment, collecting laboratory information and standardization of equipment are among the objectives of this network.

Sahar Taebi, manager of the student network of th the council for stem cells sciences and technologies, stated about the content of student programs of this council, presenting a report and announcing the establishment of more than 20 scientific student associations in universities affiliated with the ministry of health and ministry of science, research and technology by the efforts of students. She also introduced some of the responsibilities of this network, including monitoring the proper implementation of processes, scientific guidance of student associations, fostering spirituality and thinking and entrepreneurship by students with an emphasis on creativity and innovation.



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