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Iran is not among the countries with highest emigration ranks


According to the public relations and information center of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs, Sorena Sattari, the vice president for science and technology affairs and president of the national elites foundation, regarded culture building for presence of the private sector in the area of knowledge-based economy as important missions of these foundations in the 28th national meeting of heads of provincial elites foundations.

the programs of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs and the national elites foundation have been formed by top elites and researchers of provinces in line with applying change in the public attitude of the society toward more support of knowledge-based and creative businesses. Therefore, establishment of proper conditions for development of an innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem is the most important solution for returning and maintaining elites and use the domestic talents and elites in line with application of their abilities.

Sattari regarded the formation of an entrepreneurship ecosystem in the country as the most important infrastructure for returning and maintaining of Iranian elites to the country, expressing: creation of the necessary infrastructures for support of abilities of elite society, such as top elites and talents, and facilitating the path of their activities in the area of innovation and entrepreneurship can pave the way for return, recruitment and maintenance of Iranian elites to achieve knowledge-based economy.

President of the national elites foundation considered the increasing growth and high revenue earning along with creation of occupation as the most important features of these businesses.

Sattari confirmed: the number of successful knowledge-based businesses and startups, which have been able to play their role in modification of economy of the country, is not low. In addition, results of activities of successful business samples are tangible for society members, especially in areas of medical equipment, biotechnology and services based on information and communication.

President of the national elites foundation pointed out that number Iranian students abroad is less than half of their number in the first years of the Islamic revolution, adding that in that time 100 out of 270 Iranian students were studying abroad, 50 thousand of whom were in America. However, from the total four million and 700 thousand Iranian students of today, only 48 thousand are living abroad, 12 thousand of whom are in America. This proves the lack of consideration of Iran as one of the countries with high emigration rates.

During this meeting, the vice president for science and technology affairs pointed out the importance creating the infrastructure for returning and maintaining non-resident Iranian students and elites along with providing a foundation for their research and education in other countries, expressing: transformation in the closed educational space without interactions with other countries is not possible and a foundation must be laid for Iranian students and researchers to develop their abilities in the area of science and technology. However, it is necessary to provide the foundation for return and maintenance of elites for development of fundamental and basic studies by creating knowledge-based businesses and startups. This transformation must occur outside this structure and with help of all effective sections, including academics, administrative units and society.

At the end, Sattari emphasized the necessity of creating the foundation for entrepreneurship without the concern of the private sector in areas of commercial and applies research of knowledge-based companies and startups, regarding it the most important factor for formation of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.


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