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Immune cells fight cancers through manipulation

Once again, the researchers of the country have gathered together. This time for interaction and improving the level of an effective scientific branch in cancer treatment. “immunotherapy with an approach to concepts, products and quality system” is the title of a symposium held, the results of which will soon be observed in the country. In the past, people were dying of diseases such as tuberculosis. With the advancement of the medical science, many incurable diseases have been treated. However, new diseases emerged and stem cells were discovered, which has had a great impact on the medical field. Researchers around the world are now treating these diseases with the help of these cells.

With regard to the importance of the field, the council for stem cells sciences and technologies aimed to hold symposiums in the field.

Recently, the fourth symposium of “immunotherapy with an approach to concepts, products and quality system” was held at the specialized children medical center.

Amirali Hamidieh, the secretary of the council for stem cells sciences and technologies, talked about the importance of the field during the symposium, expressing: immunotherapy is a branch of stem cell medicine and regenerative medicine that is being promoted worldwide. In the past, there was little information about blood diseases, but today leukemia is highly classified. Patients with the disease had no chance of surviving 80 years ago, but 70% of patients now have a chance of survival.

Hamidieh continued: of course, there is a demand for patients until all patients are treated. Success in treating this 30% can also be achieved with TB immunotherapy. Immunotherapy is a surrogate for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

During the symposium, prominent professors of the field presented content in the form of panels and discussed topics such as gene therapy in cancer, immunotherapy and exosome therapy in autoimmune and inflammatory diseases, immunotherapy in children, role and position of dendritic cells and cytokine-activated cells in immunotherapy.



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