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Iranian Drugs and Medical Equipment Will Be Exported to East Africa

The prerequisite for the development of Iran"s export of medicines and medical equipment is the registration of medical items in export target markets. Iran is one of the countries with good medical capabilities in the field of medicine and medical equipment and can export these products to other countries. This time, the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs selected the east of Africa to create an opportunity for export of medical equipment and drugs.

The Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs has sought to develop the market for its domestic knowledge-based produced in other countries. This time, it has chosen the east of Africa as a profitable market for selling Iranian pharmaceutical & medical products.

Given the importance of this market for Iran, the joint cooperation of Iranian and African companies was emphasized in a joint meeting of the delegation of representatives of the Vice-Presidency for science and technology and the ambassador of Iran in the Iranian Red Crescent population therapy clinic in Kenya. According to the negotiations and agreements, the registration and development of export of drugs and medical equipment from Iran to East Africa will be accelerated. A market that is currently in the hands of Indian and Chinese companies.

The East African drug and health market, and particularly Kenya, is one of the fastest growing markets in Africa. This open and competitive market provides unparalleled opportunities for Iranian pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment, and despite the public perception of African community poverty and the non-economic health-related economic activities in Africa, this growing market is a good fit for investors.

The number of medical clinics and hospitals that have been opened and operated in Nairobi, Kenya over the past five years has grown substantially thanks to the Kenyan government"s supportive policies. Cultivating and encouraging people to prevent illness and disease rather than cure has also increased the share of health care spending in Kenya"s household basket.

The Status of Iranian Drugs in East Africa Must Be Consolidated

Currently, if any pharmaceutical company wishes to register its products with the Kenyan Ministry of Health, 70% of the registration costs and all costs incurred by the Agency for Drug Enforcement are paid by the Vice-Presidency for science and technology affairs.

According to the agreement signed between the department of medical devices and the international affairs & technological exchange center and the Vice-Presidency, most of the costs of registering and obtaining a license to sell medical equipment and supplies in other countries are paid for by the Vice- Presidency for science and technology affairs.

Modeling the Turkish government"s actions by providing subsidies to Turkish Airlines has gradually created direct and profitable routes to 34 African countries over 10 years, we must strive to reach as high a number of passengers as possible by activating health tourism from Kenya to Iran and promoting recreational tourism from Iran to Kenya. This will make it easier for airlines to create a direct flight. Of course, this issue needs to be assessed and its various aspects evaluated.

On the other hand, airlines can also help the government with the design of hybrid flights along this route. For instance, creating a flight from Tehran to Nairobi and Nairobi to Kampala, Uganda or Dar es Salaam, Tanzania may be able to offset the loss of the first airline on the second flight to gradually increase the number of passengers through marketing.

Let Us not Forget the East African Market

Pahlavani, the manager of Iranian Red Crescent Population Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya, who attended the joint meeting, pointed out the high capacities in the health field in Kenya, expressing: Iranian pharmaceutical companies and medical equipment must be encouraged to enter the Kenyan market.

Exports of medicines and medical equipment to Kenya require registration of these products in Kenya, with the current registration process requiring 12 months of time at the Ministry of Health. However, given the connections made, it is possible that this time may be reduced to six months for Iranian products and even up to three months for some products. The meeting was followed by arrangements for tracking Iranian companies" medical records in Kenya with the consultation and guidance of the Iranian Red Crescent Medical Center in Nairobi. Medical equipment pharmaceutical companies eager to develop their activities in east of Africa can send a text message to +989211877043 or contact the international affairs & technological exchange center to achieve more information.



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