Future-makers of stem cells will be trained at research centers
The challenges of student stem cells and regenerative medicine research centers of Alborz, Kerman, and Fars provinces were held in the presence of managers of education and research centers of provinces to develop the knowledge of stem cells in students and eliminate their problems.
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Support of projects in the field of stem cells is initiated
The call for supporting PhD dissertations in the field of stem cells and regenerative medicine is published to accelerate the pace of student activities in this area.
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Stem Cells Technology Will Pave the Way for Activists in the Cardiovascular Field
“Stem cells, tissue engineering and regenerative medicine in cardiovascular system” is the title of a symposium held to provide the foundation for learning about and developing the updated activities of this field.
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Flourishing of Ecosystem of Stem Cells Technology Will Be Accelerated in North Khorasan
Secretary of the council for stem cells science and technology accelerated the pace of the development and flourishing of innovation and technology ecosystem in the province in the field of stem cells during his trip to North Khorasan.
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Facilities for cooperation with Iranian experts and entrepreneurs abroad
In the 1404 vision document, the Islamic Republic of Iran is a society with advanced knowledge, capable of producing science and technology, based on the superior contribution of human resources and social wealth to improve national production and economics.
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Knowledge-based Companies Accelerates the Progress in the Field of Regenerative Medicine
Secretary of the council for stem cell sciences and technologies stated: the number of active knowledge-based companies was less than the fingers of hands a few years ago.
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The time has come to turn knowledge into technology in the field of gene therapy
Secretary of the council for stem cells sciences and technologies stated: to facilitate the entrance of gene therapy products into the market, we need to define the infrastructures and design relevant regulations. In this regard, following up the gene therapy regulations has been prioritized in the mentioned headquarter.
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The number of knowledge-based products in the field of stem cells has increased
Today, more than 80 knowledge-based companies are active in the field of stem cells, entrance of products of which to the society has increased hope in patients.
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We move in line with the world in the field of gene therapy development
The president of the fifth symposium on genetics and stem cells with a gene therapy approach regarded this area as one of the fields that have had suitable improvements with the help of the researchers of the country.
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Activists in the Field of Gene Therapy Will Gather Together
The council for stem cells sciences and technologies will hold the fifth symposium on “genetics and stem cells with a gene therapy approach” to witness the interaction of activists of this field.
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A symposium for use of stem cells in treatment of neonatal diseases
Iran’s Movement toward Developing Stem Cells along with the World
Top 2018 Iranian Scientists, Students and Activists in the field of Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Appreciated
A Good Day of Debuting New Achievements of Stem Cells
Presence of more than three thousand participants in the international congress on stem cells and regenerative medicine
Flying of the Flag of Success of Iran in Cell Sciences
Research Centers Play an Important Role in Cell Studies
The First Franco-Iranian Symposium on Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation Will Be Held
Investors will benefit from entering the area of stem cells sciences and regenerative medicine
The one-day symposium on “Personalized Medicine” was held