• To encourage self-reliance in the production of basic material, laboratory equipment and supplies, and laboratory animals and services with a view to meet at least 50 percent of the domestic demand
• To enhance national wealth creation through applying stem cells and their products to treat various diseases and to access two percent of stem cells market value worldwide
• To achieve national independence in banking the variety of stem cells
• To involve the private sector in research, technology development and wealth creation while keeping the policymaking and supervisory role of the government in a way that at least 20 percent of authorized cell treatment centers would become from private sector
• To create new knowledge and technologies with a view to ascend to the world’s top ten countries in terms of quality and quantity as well as publishing scientific papers in credible international journals
• Toabsorb 700 researchers to the council and to assign them to 25 target-oriented expert committees
• To organize the biggest national scientific forum in the field of stem cell sciences (the annual festival and congress)
• To set up associations to develop stem cell sciences and regenerative medicine at provincial universities of medical sciences